Since 2007 - Its not just for protecting your back, when placed in front of you use it as an active Bullet Resistant or bullet blocking Shield - Get your head and heart behind the BACKPACKSHIELD. 9 mm full metal jacket bullets and/or 44 Magnum rounds will not get  through the shield (either they bounce off or they will stick into the first few outer shield layers level IIIA resistant). Its 17" high and 12" wide - you  can position a lot of your vital body  (head and heart) behind it the only thing exposed may be your lower leg area. Its a major survival advantage versus not having any protection at all and being shot with a couple of 9 mm/44 Magnum rounds.  The BACKPACKSHIELD can be lifesaving and is "Peace of Mind".

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The BACKPACK SHIELD tm is N.I.J. Level IIIA & stops hardened higher velocity 9 mm Full Metal Jacket (copper) rounds and 44 Magnum (SWC) rounds flat in their tracks (level IIIA bullet resistant). The patented aboutus_dk1.gif multilayer ballistic composite BACKPACK SHIELD tmWeighs less than a text book, 17" high by 12 " wide, less than 1/2" thick, and fits inside 100's of standard size (High School &Collegiate) backpacks. 
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Photo(s) above shows a full metal jacket, high velocity (0.40 caliber - 10 mm) bullet after impact with the BACKPACKSHIELDtm

1. Can the BACKPACKSHIELD tm stop a high speed bullet from a so called "Assault Rilfe? 

Answer - by itself No . If we could we would say so. Thats the reason our Guys and Gals in uniform, the Military wear a small, (10"x10"), heavy (8 Lb. front Chest plate and another 8 Lb.plate for the back protection) Ceramic SAPI Level IV plate. These Heavy and Uncomfortable Ceramic SAPI plates cost over $300 each. We might add they dont carry well in (most and especially) a kids backpack.

2. How much does the ultra light BACKPACK SHIELD tm  weigh?

Answer - a just over 1 lb. Because we use the best shield_dk3.gif fabric which is 10 times stronger than steel (thread for thread), being a polymer it is much lighter than steel. It weighs less than most text books, about 1.5 lbs.  Our Aerospace Kevlar fabric is multi-layered, compressed and harded in a proprietary process. Its also very thin about the width of your little finger (3/8'").

Our BACKPACK SHIELD tm is level IIIA rated. It stops the higher velocity harder (copper jacketed) 9 mm rounds, and higher velocity and hard hitting 44 magnum copper jacket rounds (see chart below for ballistic reistanty specifications). If you kid wants a new color or different pattern backpack, with ours you can pull it out and the shield is ready for your new backpack, this shape fits all standard 18" high x 12" wide arch top backbacks. . . years later you can still use it - (its water resistant so it can last years). We also have an HP White Laboratory "N.I.J. IIIA" Ballistic report available upon request.

3. Are there any Airport "Carry-on"  Security hassles with the ultra light BACKPACKSHIELDtm? I travel and would like to take it with me when on the road. 

Answer - We've never been told of a single "Airport Hassle" because of the BACKPACKSHIELDtm in over 7 years. We sold them to US Air "SKY" Marshalls and have hundreds of BACKPACKSHIELDtm users that travel with them all the time. The BACKPACKSHIELDtm uses shield_dk3.gif which is a type of super strong nylon and is non-metallic. If asked I say its a support back board for back support in my backpack. We have yet to hear from any of our customers that they have had any problems with it at airports, we certainly havent had a problem. 

4. Can I just purchase your level IIIA BACKPACK SHIELD tm Backpack Insert and put it in my existing backpack? 

Answer - Yes most likely . . . it depends upon the size and shape of the backpack that you have. The Bullet proof* Backpack Shieldtm is slightly under 17" high by 11.5" wide (and 3/8" wide). If you look at or - virtually all of the standard High School and University Backpacks that have the arched curve top geometry with a basic semi-rectangular shape. If you purchase any BPS backpack it comes with the Backpack Shield tm and we guarantee that it will fit inside.  Check price on the Bullet Resistant BACKPACK SHIELD tm alone.

adobe pdf file   Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf format datasheet for the BACKPACKSHIELD N.I.J. Level IIIA shield
* To the N.I.J. level IIIA level of bullet resistance

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