Introducing the (1 lb) sapi_dk1.gif based SAPI Shield tm. Catering to our men and women overseas who wish to have practical protection on the front, when military threat levels are low, the ultra light SAPI Shieldtm is the perfect solution. Simply, the weight and drag of wearing two standard ceramic SAPI plates (front and back) can place a burdensome 24 Lbs on your relaxed motor activity. While your protection is of our utmost concern, we also believe that comfort need not be sacrificed. The ultra light (~1 Lb.) stiffened shield_dk3.gif based SAPI Shield tm is the perfect stiffened level IIIA body armor that fits comfortably in your SAPI plate carrier.
SAPI Shield
While the SAPI Shield tm is 8 to 10 pounds lighter than a standard cermaic SAPI plate, the SAPI SHield tm offers considerable protection and comfort. With the same level IIIA bullet resistance of the original Backpack Shield, SAPI Shield is made to stop everything from 9 mm, 357 and 44 Magnum rounds, to even shrapnel and mortor "frag." The SAPI Shield is less "plate-like," in that it is much more resistant to caving in or pocketing when hit; versus, the typical "bullet proof," loose layered vest based inserts. Comfort-wise the ~1.5 Lb SAPI Shield offers more flexible comfort to the daily twists and turns of typical active duty, such as: running, reaching, sitting, etc.

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SAPI Shield

Virtually No Ball-Peen hammer penetration effect with the SAPI SHEILD tm from any level IIIA impact. The SAPI Shield tm from BACKPACKSHIELD tm is "stiffer" and not a loose multi layer vest style fabric insert. Loose fabric based "bullet proof vest like" padded inserts are more subject to deeper impact and have much more cave-in pocketing (shrinking protection) effect when they are hit.
The SAPI SHIELD tm ~ drops right in your standard plate carrier where the ceramic SAPI plate would be housed.

The SAPI Shield tm flexes to your body?s twists and turns, so it?s comfortable when seated, yet stiffened to avoid ?ballistic pocketing impact cave-ins? like most vests.

The SAPI SHIELD tm ~ like a seat belt, a little bit of protection can go a long way, it might even save your life. The bullet reistant SAPI Shieldtm stops hardened high velocity 9 mm Full Metal Jacket (copper) and 44 Magnum (SWC) rounds flat in their tracks. It's the highest handgun ballistic resistance, N.I.J. level IIIA rating. It can be a major survival/protection advantage from mortor shrapnel and flak.

Like the name says - The SAPI SHIELD
tm is much more of a "Shield".
Only the original bullet blocking SAPI Shieldtm comes with shield_dk2.gif
shield_dk2.gif is made in the USA not a Weaker Cheap China Ripoff (often called ballistic nylon).
stopped a real bullet blocker
Backpackshield Mfg. (see below for SAPI SHIELDtm details and pricing/shopping cart)


STOPS VIRTUALLY EVERY HANDGUN ROUND to the National Institute of Justice (N.I.J) level IIIA ballistic resistance specification - The picture(s) above show the ultra light SAPI SHIELDtm itself, along with an impacted round - A hardened standard police issued 40 caliber (copper jacketed) high velocity round (easily will penetrate an automobile windshield) is shown - Notice the flattened copper jacket round now has the weave pattern imprint from the shield_dk3.gif ballistic plate fiber pattern. The ultra light SAPI SHIELDtm is N.I.J. level IIIA ballistic resistance see table below - level IIIA is the highest ballistic level rating available for handgun rounds).

The photo about shows the copper jacket takes on the "Denim" style weave of the SAPI SHIELDtm upon impact being stopped cold. The ultra light
SAPI SHIELDtm is less <0.3" thick , and weighs ~1/12 th less than SAPI plate yet is level IIIA bullet resistant.

The SAPI Shield tm flexes to your body?s twists and turns, so it?s comfortable when seated, yet stiffened to avoid ?ballistic pocketing impact cave-ins? like most vests.

shieldNIJ report

The SAPI SHIELD tm is made of sapi_dk1.gif board. We have an Independent Certified Ballistic Resistance report by H.P. White Laboratories (FBI recognized). It shows that the SAPI SHIELD tm material as being N.I.J. level IIIA bullet resistant. A copy of this ballistic resistance report is available upon request.videoicon

Use it as a Bullet Resistant Ceramic Plate Substitute - It can protect (level IIIA) most any body area/part that is behind it, its intended to be worn in the front or back SAPI plate pouch/carrier. It's meant to act as "Armour" or like a Spartan Shield (i.e. the movie the Last Stand of the "300"-) With your heart/chest area behind it and virtually all handgun rounds are stopped (N.I.J. level IIIA) and mortor shrapnel. Its intended use is that of an active Bullet Resistant Shield. Fits in your standard SAPI plate pouch/carrier. Its ~13" high and ~10" wide - Most of your vital heart/chest area is protected from most front and/or back impact with any level IIIA threat. Its a major survival advantage versus not having any protection at all and being shot with a couple of 9 mm rounds or hit with mortor shrapnel.

The SAPI SHIELD tm can be a life saver and is "Piece of Mind" .

adobe pdf file Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf format datasheet for the SAPI SHIELD tm N.I.J. Level IIIA (large file - 2 pages)
Shield Only Part #: SAPI SHIELD
Shield Price: is NOW only $165.00 (plus shipping)
for the standard (large) ballistic resistant SAPI SHIELDtm is FULL N.I.J. level IIIA rated (stops 9 mm 1400 fps FMJ rounds and most Mortor Shrapnel) - Shipping is only $20.00 shipping - IN STOCK NOW
Standard SAPI SHIELD tm "In-Pouch" Dimensions : Keep in mind a 12 pound level IV ceramic plate is at least ~2 inches thick so with the SAPI SHIELD tm being about 1/6' as thick we can be a little larger that a real SAPI plate and still fit just fine. 13.5? High x 10.5" Wide x ~3/8" thick and fits inside all standard SAPI plate pockets.
The standard color is black.
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Backpack Shieldtm can supply any manufacturer's compatible backpack design (arched top - basic rectangle shape) with our bullet resistant insert including the following brands: JanSport Backpacks, Dakine Backpacks, High Sierra Backpacks, Columbia Backpacks, The North Face Backpacks, CamelBak Backpacks, Gregory Backpacks, Deuter Backpacks, Oakley Backpacks, Smith Backpacks, Spy Backpacks, Marmot Backpacks, Tubbs Backpacks, Atlas Backpacks, Eureka Backpacks, etc.
Just specify the model and color and Backpack Shield will provide you with a price and delivery quotation (click our e-mail link below) usually same day. Special Backpack shapes are also possible to make a BACKPACKSHIELDtm insert for as well
( e-mail us your request)
* bulletproof is a slang term for "bullet resistant", actually the model BP3A is bullet resistant to the N.I.J. level IIIA specification only. No product envolved in defense against gun shots can guarantee survival in all circumstances (unprotected body areas, armour piercing rounds and/or future bullet technology etc.)

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