We all know about everyday gun related tragedies.  There are no survival guarantees when it comes to being shot at. Like wearing a seat belt in a car wreck, its a major survival advantage versus not having anything at all for “cover -protection”.  While we can not control the environment we live in, We can actively protect ourselves and our loved ones. Although it make take getting used to, being proactive vs. passive against unexpected gun violence is up to you. A little bit of protection can go a long way, it might even save your life. Need we say more . . . 
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stop school shootings
Stronger than a sewn in level II liner, the BACKPACK SHIELD tm is N.I.J. Level IIIA & stops hardened higher velocity 9 mm Full Metal Jacket (copper) rounds and 44 Magnum (SWC) rounds flat in their tracks. The patented aboutus_dk1.gif multilayer ballistic composite BACKPACK SHIELD tmWeighs less than a text book, 17" high by 12 " wide, less than 1/2" thick, and fits inside 100's of standard size (High School &Collegiate) backpacks.
Full metal jacket H P White Ballistics Report
Bullet proof * backpack insert by
BACKPACKSHIELD tm is the highest
handgun ballistic resistance (NIJ level IIIA)
 rating aginst handguns.
Contact us for a copy of the Independent
Laboratory Report by HP White Laboratories
on the bullet blocking resistance of the
Photo(s) above shows a full metal jacket, high velocity (0.40 caliber - 10 mm) bullet after impact with the BACKPACKSHIELDtm

Our mission at BACKPACK SHIELD is to offer the highest level and quality of practical protection for you or your loved one(s) when they are out in this world. When used properly as a self-defense barrier, it gives you an excellent survival advantage (versus having no bullet resistant protection) should gun fire unexpectantly breakout. Gunfire is virtually always unexpected - School, University, the Shopping Mall, Park, the street, a parking lot, coming back from an evening event etc. This backpack could be a real life saver, and possibly avert many gunpoint initaited crimes (i.e. shooting, attempted kidnapping) - Its a case of dramatically increasing your odds of survival versus the alternative (no ballistic defense). 

The bullet resistant composite  BackPack Shield TM armor panel insert is manufactured with the most advanced lightest aerospace ballistic composite material available. This high performance ballistic panel was specifically designed originally for use by the United States Armed Forces ( US Army, Special Forces etc.). By using the latest state of the art technologies available today, BPS can supply a variety ballistic panels in a variety of sizes and threat protection levels.  Our ballistic BACKPACKSHIELD panels provide you with better protection than any other sewn-in backpack liner/curtain or ballistic steel insert in the market. If you have any questions, please e-mail sales@backpackshield.com . 

Below are many reasons why you should consider a BACKPACKSHIELD . . .

School Crime and Safety Statistics from a U.S. Government Report entitled "Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2000  - FACTS - 
In a single School Year?
10% of public schools report a felony violent crime on school property to the police.
47% of public schools report misdemeanor crimes to the police.
23% of all ninth-grade students, when asked, reported "carrying a weapon to school in the last 30 days".
10% of all high school students report carrying a weapon to school in the last 30 days.

Nationwide, 16,580 Students were disciplined or expelled for use/possession of firearms on school grounds.

10% of weapons seized on school property are at elementary schools.
8% of all high school students were threatened with a weapon (gun, knife, club) on school property this past year.

Source (for above): US Dept of Education / Nat'l Center for School Statistics (202) 502-7349 This report is from 1996, the last year in which complete statistics are available

33 Gunshot deaths in 1 day at Virginia Tech (2007). 

- According to the CDC there are more than 30,000 gun related homicides (deaths) per year in the USA

Source: The US House Committee on Education and Labor

 The US House Committee on Education and Labor held a full committee hearing on "Best Practices to Make College Campuses Safe." The hearing was conviened by Chairman George Miller, who said, "In the wake of the horrific and senseless violence at Virginia Tech, we must do everything we can to ensure that our nation's college campuses are safe learning environments for students, faculty, and staff members. Today's hearing provided us with a critical opportunity to learn about how the Congress can help colleges and universities to prevent and recover from tragedies and emergencies. Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of our children, our students, and our loved ones."
Virginia's Representative Robert C. "Bobby" Scott said, "In light of the recent incidents at Virginia colleges and universities, we need to explore every possible avenue toward determining what can be done to prevent these events in the future.
It was tragic to have 33 deaths in one day at Virginia Tech, but according to the CDC, every year more than 30,000 persons die by firearms through suicide or homicide. This is the equivalent of the Virginia Tech death toll occurring 2 to 3 times every day. This is not to minimize the tragedy of school shootings; we want the number to be zero. But if we are going to prevent these events, we have to start with placing them in a broader context."
May 15, 2007 The United States House Committee on Education and Labor
Its not just for protecting your back, when placed in front of you use it as an active Bullet Resistant Shield - Get your head and  heart behind the BACKPACKSHIELD and high velocity 9 mm full metal jacket bullets and/or 44 Magnum rounds will not get  through the shield (either they bounce off or they will stick into the first few outer shield layers). Its 17" high and 12" wide - you  can position a lot of your vital body  (head and heart) behind it the only thing exposed may be your lower leg area. Its a  major survival advantage versus not having any protection at all and being shot with a couple of 9 mm/44 Magnum rounds.
The BACKPACKSHIELD can be a life saver and is "Piece of Mind". 

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