Bullet proof backpack from Backpackshield is the highest level IIIA rating for handgun bullets. We all know and hear about everyday gun related tragedies, over 30,000 gun related homicides a year (USA), that's all we will say about that. While we can not control gun related violence that we or our loved ones may encounter, we can choose to actively do something to improve our odds of getting through it (a true survival advantage). Being "PROACTIVE" vs. passive against unexpected violence is up to you. The BACKPACKSHIELD ~ like a seat belt, a little bit of protection can go a long way, it might even save your life. Please see what this product can do. 
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flattend roundstop school shootings
The BACKPACKSHIELD tm is N.I.J. Level IIIA & stops hardened higher velocity 9 mm Full Metal Jacket (copper) rounds and 44 Magnum (SWC) rounds shot at hit flat in their tracks. The patented DupontTM Kevlar® multilayer ballistic composite BACKPACK SHIELD tmWeighs less than a text book, ~17" high by ~12 " wide, around 1/4" thick, and fits inside 100's of standard size (High School &Collegiate) backpacks.
It's meant to be used like a Spartan Shield (e.g. the movie the Last Stand of the "300"-) Get your head and heart/chest area behind it and virtually all handgun rounds can't get through (N.I.J. level  IIIA) it.  -
How much you can protect behind the BACKPACKSHIELD while standing? (see images below).
Bullet proof backpack  by BACKPACKSHIELD meets and exceeds is the highest handgun ballistic resistance (N.I.J. level IIIA) rating.

Due to its composite stiffness (yet light weight ~ a little over 1.0 pound), there's  virtually No Ball-Peen Hammer penetration effect, compare us to a looser multi fabric "bullet proof vest" style insert like the
"Bullet Blocker tm".
We are much more of a sheild, a true BACKPACK SHIELD

H P White Ballistics Report
Bullet proof * backpack insert by
BACKPACKSHIELD tm is the highest
handgun ballistic resistance (NIJ level IIIA)
 rating aginst handguns. Contact us for a copy of the Independent  Laboratory Report by HP White Laboratories
on the bullet blocking resistance of the BACKPACK SHIELD tm insert. H.P White Ballistic Resistance report(s) are accepted by the F.B.I., ATF and Police Departments all over the USA.

Photo(s) above shows a full metal jacket, high velocity (0.40 caliber) bullet after impact (being stopped)  with the BACKPACKSHIELDtm , the rounds usually bounce off and roll on the floor.

Bullet proof backpack  by BACKPACKSHIELD is the highest handgun ballistic resistance (NIJ level IIIA) rating

STOPS VIRTUALLY EVERY HANDGUN ROUND (with NIJ level IIIA stopping power). The picture(s) above show theBullet proof backpack  by BACKPACKSHIELD is the highest handgun ballistic resistance (NIJ level IIIA) rating BACKPACKSHIELDtm  itself, along with an impacted round - A hardened standard Police issue 40 caliber (copper -full metal jacketed) high velocity round that would easily penetrate a car windshield is shown - Notice the flattened copper jacket round nowBullet proof backpack  by BACKPACK SHIELD tm is the highest handgun ballistic resistance (NIJ level IIIA) rating has the weave pattern imprint from the ballistic fiber board pattern. The BACKPACK SHIELD tm is hidden (Velcro'ed) inside to the back of the Main compartment of the backpack. It is N.I.J. level IIIA ballistic resistance see table below - level IIIA is the highest ballistic level rating available for handgun rounds).   Any backpack you purchase from us includes the BACKPACKSHIELD tm.

 See ballistic table below - 

Its not just for protecting your back, when placed in front of you use it as an active Bullet Resistant Shield - Get your head and  heart behind the BACKPACKSHIELD and high velocity handgun fired 9 mm full metal jacket bullet and/or 44 Magnum rounds will not get through the shield (either they bounce off or they will stick into the first few outer shield layers). Its 17" high and 12" wide - you  can position a lot of your vital body  (head and heart) behind it the only thing exposed may be your lower leg area. Its a major survival advantage versus not having any protection at all and being shot with a couple of 9 mm/44 Magnum rounds.
The BACKPACKSHIELD can be a life saver and is "Piece of Mind".
combo view

Bullet proof backpack  by BACKPACKSHIELD is the highest handgun ballistic resistance (NIJ level IIIA) ratingballistic table


Kinder Shieldfree backpack BACKPACK SHIELD
Shield Only Part #: BP3A
Shield Price: is normally $295.00 now $235.00  (plus shipping) 
fortandard ballistic Standard Ballistic BACKPACKSHIELDtm is FULL N.I.J. level IIIA rated (stops 44 Magnum Copper Jacketed High Velocity rounds - SWC)  - Backpacks are only an additional $25.00
BACKPACKSHIELD tm Dimensions: just fits 17” High x  12" Wide Backpacks - its ~1/4" thick and fits inside all standard 17" or 18" x 12" dome round top backpacks.   

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