videoicon Bullet proof backpack from Backpackshield is the highest level IIIA ballistic resistance for handgund bullets - We all know and hear about everyday gun related tragedies, over 30,000 gun related homicides a year (USA), that's all we will say about that. While we can not control gun related violence that we or our loved ones may encounter, we can choose to actively do something to improve our odds of getting through it (a true survival advantage). Being "PROACTIVE" vs. passive against unexpected violence is up to you. The BACKPACKSHIELD ~ like a seat belt, a little bit of protection can go a long way, it might even save your life. Please see what this product can do. 
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Backpackshield Mfg.         The BACKPACKSHIELD is * $235.00  now

stop school shootings Stronger than a sewn in level II liner, the BACKPACKSHIELD tm is N.I.J. Level IIIA & stops hardened higher velocity 9 mm Full Metal Jacket (copper) and 44 Magnum (SWC) rounds flat in their tracks. The patented Dupont_Kevlar3.gif multilayer ballistic composite BACKPACKSHIELD tm weighs less than a text book, measures 17" high by 12 " wide, is less than 1/2" thick, and fits inside 1000's of standard size (High School & Collegiate) backpacks. 
adobe pdf file   Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf format datasheet for the BACKPACKSHIELD N.I.J. Level IIIA shield
Use it as a Pro-Active Bullet Resistant Shield - Although it can protect your back, its intended to be held in front and pointed squarely in the direction of the shooter. Its intended use is that of an active Bullet Resistant Shield. Get your head and heart behind the BACKPACKSHIELD and 9 mm/44 Magnum rounds will not come through the BACKPACKSHIELD. Its 17" high and 12" wide - you can position (horizontal crouch) most of your vital body area (head and heart area) behind it. Its a major survival advantage versus not having any protection at all and being shot with a couple of 9 mm/44 Magnum rounds.

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